Frequently asked questions

1. What can The Foundation do for me?

We can provide grants to fund activities and projects that develop the game of lacrosse ranging from easier to access small sums of under £500 to major grants of in excess of £5,000. The Foundation can also assist you to raise your own funding through the MyDonate website with an option for donors to add Gift Aid to their donations.


2. What is the The Lacrosse Foundation?

The Lacrosse Foundation is a charitable trust that exists to help fund the development of all forms of lacrosse in the Great Britain.


3. Why is it a charity?

As a charity, The Foundation complies with The Charity Commission governance guidelines, and provides annual reports to and is monitored by The Commission. This gives those wishing to donate towards the costs of development of lacrosse confidence that funds are properly managed and used for the good of the game.


4. What financial advantages does a charity have?

As a charity, The Foundation does not have to pay tax on its earnings from investment. Also UK tax payers can add Gift Aid to their donation which means that The Foundation receives an additional 25% of the donation from the Government and higher rate tax payers can receive tax relief of 25% on their donation. So each £100 donated can be worth £125 to The Foundation, or to your project.

No inheritance tax is payable on legacies to The Foundation and the rate of inheritance tax on an estate can be reduced by larger donations.


5. Who runs The Foundation?

The Foundation is managed by a trustee board. Currently there are nine trustees who come from all aspects of the sport. Full details of the trustees and their background can be found here.


6. Who is The Foundation for?

Anyone who has a plan to develop lacrosse can approach The Foundation to see if we can help.


7. Where does The Foundation operate, geographically?

The Foundation will consider supporting programmes in any part of Great Britain.


8. Does The Foundation deliver lacrosse programmes?

No. The Foundation purely assists with the funding of projects that grow the game.


9. What does The Foundation help fund?

The Foundation considers any activities that support the growth and development of lacrosse in Great Britain and are deliverable within 12 months of the date of an award.

Grants are available to individuals and organisations for projects that advance the Vision, Mission and Aims and Objectives of the Lacrosse Foundation.

  • The Mission of The Lacrosse Foundation is to champion the growth and development of lacrosse in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland);
  • The overall objectives of The Lacrosse Foundation are to promote community participation in lacrosse, to assist providing facilities for lacrosse and to advance the education of young people in the sport of lacrosse.

Details of what The Foundation will and will not fund can be found here.


10. Who does The Foundation fund?

Individuals, not for profit organisations such as lacrosse clubs, and statuary bodies such as schools, colleges and universities can apply for funding.


11. How do I apply for a grant?

There is an application process for all grants through The Foundation. Details are outlined on the grant application guidance document on the website, including what forms you will need to complete and the timescales once you have submitted an application.


12. How do I apply to use My Donate through the Foundation?

There is an application process to fundraise through The Foundation, details are outlined in the fundraising application and guidance document here.


13. What is the history of The Foundation?

The charity was founded in 2006 to assist the Blues Lacrosse Club in raising money to support an initiative to teach lacrosse in a local school partnership. Initially it was an educational charity as sport was not charitable. When encouraging healthy sport became charitable The Foundation broadened their objectives to include developing lacrosse.

Recently Roger Okill, a stalwart of lacrosse since the late 1940s, left a substantial legacy to The Foundation that has enabled The Foundation to expand support to developing the game.


14. Where does The Foundation get their money from?

In addition to Roger’s legacy, The Foundation intends to run fundraising campaigns to support lacrosse projects and encourage supporters of the sport to donate to The Foundation and even consider legacy gifts.


14. How do I donate to the Foundation?

If you would like to talk to The Foundation about making a donation you can contact us on Alternatively, you can make a donation via our My Donate account here. And if you are a UK tax payer don’t forget that you can increase your donation by 25% by saying ‘Yes’ to Gift Aid!


15. What is THe relationship with The English Lacrosse Association, Lacrosse Scotland, and The Welsh Lacrosse Association?

There is no formal relationship with any of the national governing bodies for lacrosse in Great Britain, and the charity is wholly run by independent trustees. However, one of the trustees is a former member of the board of the English Lacrosse Association. The charity is, of course, happy to work with the national governing bodies to develop lacrosse.


16. What careers are available at The Foundation?

There are no careers available as The Foundation is entirely run by volunteers.


17. How can I volunteer to help run The Foundation?

There are opportunities to get involved in growing The Foundation as a volunteer. As a new organisation The Foundation is always looking for people to help design and run our technical support, provide help with social media, and making The Foundation more widely known. If you would like to find out more about these opportunities or speak to someone at The Foundation please contact us on


18. How do I approach The Foundation for help?

A guide to applying for support is available here.