How to apply

Please complete the Fundraising Application Form with full details about your organisation, the fundraising you are planning to do, what you are raising money for and how you will report back to The Lacrosse Foundation.

The Lacrosse Foundation will require a report post the fundraising and project to show the impact that the fundraising had. This will be used in marketing and through The Foundation's social media.

All information and data received will be dealt with in line with the Privacy Statement for The Lacrosse Foundation.

If you are a non-statutory organisation you will also need to provide the following supporting documentation:

  • Governing document or constitution.
  • Annual accounts for your last financial year. [If you are a new organisation then please submit a three-year income and expenditure forecast.]
  • Last three bank statements. [If you are a new organisation then please provide evidence that you have a bank account.]
  • Safeguarding policies if your project involves working with children and vulnerable adults, together with confirmation that those responsible for delivering the project have been checked with the Defence and Barring Service.


Once we have received your application we will check it is complete and that you have submitted all the supporting documents we need. If we feel it necessary, we may ask you for further information to help us to best assess your application.

Once we feel we have all the information we need we will assess your application against our criteria. We will aim to inform you of a decision within 4 weeks.

If your application is successful then we will send you a Fundraising Award Letter setting out our general terms and conditions and any additional terms and conditions we wish to include.

Please read these documents carefully and confirm by email within 10 days of receipt of the Fundraising Award Letter that you wish to accept with all of the stated terms and conditions.

If your fundraising application is unsuccessful then we will provide you with feedback. Please note that our decision is final and no further discussions will be entered into. However this does not prohibit you from applying through a fundraising application again in the future.